Cane Juicery
Sugarcane juice redefined

India’s first freshly made –
Functional Sugarcane Juice Brand

About Us

Founded In September 2017

FIN Brands was formed to operate in premium, specialised Food and beverage categories.

Recognised Under Start-Up India Initiative

DIPP Government of India.

We Aspire To Live To Our Core Principles

Developing brands that are Functional , indulging and Nutritional (FIN) brands.

Registered Our First Brand Cane Juicery

With a promise to deliver the goodness of the good old sugarcane juice to consumers in the most hygienic manner.

Highest Rated

We are the highest rated food operators on online portals like Swiggy and Zomato.

Our Range


Plain, Ginger, Lemon, Ginger + Lemon & Mint.


Beauty Booster, Cleanse, Hydrate, Detox, Muscle Repair, Weight Loss, Anti Aging.


  • Mojito,
  • Coconut Shake.

Cold Pressed

Valencia Orange, Sweet Lime, Pomegranate Juice, Coconut Water.


Using one of the finest breeds of sugarcane for consistency.

100% Fresh Juice
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Healthy Flavours
State Of Art Machine

Sugarcane is extracted using the best standards of hygiene in our cold pressed juicing machines

How are we different

We are India’s first to formulate the goodness of super foods and natural ingredients to further fortify sugarcane juice with customised benefits.

We are the only chain to use premium packaging for convenience to consumers.

We are the only brand targeting SEC A seeking functionality in beverages while catering to the large section of the society with the classic variants.

We have an omni channel approach and will be present offline and online delivering fresh sugarcane juice.

happy customers

Rajshree Choudhury

Superb taste. Friendly staff.

robina Deo

Cane Juicery as the name suggests offers varieties of Sugar cane juice.Cold pressed method used to extract juice. They really offer existing varieties with sugarcane being the base of all varieties.

Neha Acharekar

Yummy!! Fresh and clean sugarcane juice is served!! N yes there are various varieties in it!! Prices are high, could have been cheap!

Mansi Abnave

Cane juicery by name you get the idea what it is. It's an healthy juicery, who's base is sugarcane juice.Basically they add amazing flavors in our classic sugarcane juice.